December Member on the Move: Monique Volz


What do you do from 9 to 5?

I’m the founder of Ambitious Kitchen, a healthy, balanced recipe and wellness blog. I also recently co-founded a healthy living community called the The Healthy Glow Collective (or, HealthyGlow.Co as we like to call it), which is launching late December 2016. My passion is essentially helping others to develop a trusting relationship with their body while finding joy in both food and fitness.

When do you make time to workout?

My schedule is fairly flexible, but I enjoy getting my workouts done in the morning. It helps me focus and gives me feel good energy throughout the day. Also I like being super hungry for breakfast.

What inspired you to get into CTF?

I originally signed up through Classpass and after a few times, I was hooked! Eventually I decided to quit Classpass and become a member at CTF. It’s been amazing! I love that no workout is ever the same and that I’m constantly challenged to try new things or push myself beyond what I thought I was capable of. I’ve also lost weight and gained muscle since joining CTF, so that makes me happy too.

Tell us a fun fact about you!

I have a weird obsession with vintage rugs! I can’t stop buying them. I recently went to Israel and had to purchase a second suitcase so I could fit some new rugs in for the ride home to the USA. Eventually I’ll probably start an Etsy shop so I can sell a few because I’m running out of room in my condo.