Amy Potter

Amy recently graduated Summa Cum Laude from DePaul University with a B.S. in Health Sciences and is an ACE certified Personal Trainer. Amy has always enjoyed playing sports and running. Her passion for athletics developed while getting involved in a range of sports including volleyball, track and soccer. She also trained for and ran the Chicago Marathon. Amy has experience personal training as well as teaching bootcamp and group fitness classes at DePaul. She focuses on functional conditioning, power lifting, and high intensity interval training to give her clients results they can be proud of. Her educational background is in Health Sciences, with a concentration in BioScience and Pre-Med because she has a passion for helping others live healthy and happy lives. From beginners to seasoned athletes, she loves challenging her clients to realize their potential to become healthier, stronger and more powerful than they thought possible. When she’s not working at Crosstown, Amy enjoys playing sports both recreationally and competitively and loves any and all types of games. She is competitive and prefers to be outside and in the sun but the two things that could keep her inside all day are pro football games and ESPN’s Not Top 10.

Trainer Certifications