Joey Munoz

Joey, a suburban native, was never a big runner growing up and struggled to finish a mile
without being exhausted as a chubby little kid growing up. He was exposed to the running
world at an early age through HS Track & Field and was determined at an early age to
reach the highest peak. He quickly realized that he had a gift that was hiding underneath all
that doubt within himself. Upon graduating top of his class in high school, he earned All-
Conference recognition in the 800m. He later attended Loyola University of Chicago where
he became the mascot for his four years he was there! He walked away with countless
memories and a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science.

Fitness quickly became a part of his identity. Joey found a new home at Nike Chicago upon graduation and became a Nike Run Club Pacer for Nike Chicago. He’s had the opportunity to develop runners of all skill levels and become involved in the large community of runners in Chicago. While working for
Nike, he started his personal training career at various clubs around the Chicagoland
area. Today, he is in pursuit of sharing his passion of running with the CrossTown Fitness
community as a certified coach through the United Endurance Sports Coaching Academy.
His main goals include becoming an influencer within the running community, creating a
Run Club for CrossTown Fitness, and train everyday runners to become athletes.

Long term, he wants to open his own running studio in Chicago and develop his own training
business for program development and run coaching. His endless amount of energy is
contagious and you never know what to expect! When Joey is not running, he enjoys
spending time with friends, exploring the city, cooking, and playing basketball too. He will
never say no to food, especially if its pizza or tacos! His philosophy of life is to not take life
too seriously and to have fun! Pursue your passions to better the lives of others.