Matt De Spain

A former hotshot wildland firefighter and lifelong athlete, Matt taught himself to snowboard at a young age and played football for years, playing first string for an undefeated team and winning the All-State Championship!] From Chicagoland, he has traveled all over the U.S.A. and Canada to snowboard in the gorgeous mountain regions of North America as well as to fight wildland fires/wildfires. During his years as a wildland firefighter, Matt developed and implemented survival fitness training programs for his hotshot crew members, earned his CPR/AED certifications as a paramedic, repelled out of helicopters, and saved baby porcupines and squirrels from burning trees.

Matt’s fitness specialty is total-body strength as well as body sculpting with a focus on stabilization, correct form, safety, and injury prevention. Matt firmly believes that quality training should be for every person of any skill, ability, or fitness level. He is energized by the creative challenges of adapting progressions and modifications for each individual, and has a growing interest in working with people who live with chronic injuries or disabilities.