Sam Reyes

Sam learned how to swim before she learned how to walk. Her upbringing in sunny Los Angeles kept her active with basketball and rollerblading with friends and tennis, golf, and racquetball with her dad and sister. In middle school she learned how to surf and found a sense of peacefulness with learning how to go with the flow while being entrenched in nature. She continued to surf terribly, yet enthusiastically and picked up yoga as a way to build balance and stretch out between high intensity workouts. When she moved to Bloomington, Indiana for her MBA, she struggled with missing the comfort of family and the ocean and turned to kickboxing and yoga to decrease stress. After moving to Chicago, Sam started practicing yoga at Bare Feet Power Yoga and fell in love with another form of flow. Her participation in the 40 Days to Personal Transformation challenge morphed her practice from casual to consistent and turned her practice from physical to holistic by incorporating meditation, community, and living yoga off the mat. Yoga and mindfulness reduced her anxiety and stress and increased self-acceptance while packing in a great sweat session. Sam strives to create happy moments for others and challenges her students while bringing levity to class with humor, sweet tunes, and a big sweaty smile.

Trainer Certifications