Roo Cotter

Roo is a graduate of Miami University where she earned her B.S. in Finance and spent every free minute pursuing her passion in fitness as a university group fitness instructor for Tabata Bootcamp and Kettlebell classes.

Growing up, she participated in a variety of sports and readily admits she was never the fastest, most-talented player, but always spent extra time in the weight and training room in order to improve as a teammate and athlete. That diligence and positivity is something Roo will bring to the table no matter the challenge and strives to help clients find that same drive to excel.

The diversity of fitness forms excites Roo and she frequently seeks new races/events to train for as well as a teammate to join in the adventure. The constant change and learning possibilities in the fitness arena continue to motivate and inspire Roo, so you can always count on her to bring something new and challenging to class!

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4 - 30 mins Sessions