Tori, a native to the Chicago suburbs, grew up playing just about every sport she could including soccer, softball, field hockey swimming and more. She attributes her early competitive drive and passion for health and fitness in her career learning how to win, lose and play with as a team. Tori played Division 1 Field Hockey at the University of Delaware, and after graduating with a BS in Marketing, she took a quick job in media sales and then pursued advertising. Quickly discovering that the company needed something more, she decided to became the Health and Fitness leader at her agency, creating multiple health fairs, 7-minute workouts, month long fitness challenges and Monday fruit deliveries. She began to realize that her love for helping others in the health, fitness and wellness space was her true calling, so she took it upon herself to come ACE Group Fitness and NASM Certified Personal Trainer. With a passion to help others achieve their personal health and fitness goals and watch them grow, Tori knew she had made the right decision.

Tori has become an avid runner (you will likely see her running on the Lakefront every Saturday morning) and also enjoys swimming and cycling. Certainly not shy to jump in and try something new, she loves to be challenged, so invite her to a workout or ask her something you want to know from running to group classes and more!

Fun fact: Tori is ambidextrous and throws, pitches and writes predominately left handed, but plays tennis, golf, field hockey and bats in softball right handed.

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