Chicago Gym: March Member on the Move Matt Gibbs

By: Akm 29/03/17 Blog
Meet our West Loop Gym Member on the Move, Matt Gibbs! What do you do from 9 to 5? I’m co-founder of UPshow, a TV-powered social marketing platform. Take a look at the first TV at CTF West Loop, that’s an UPshow screen. We launched 2 Summers ago at a few bars in Chicago, and now we have over 3500 screens active across […]

Common Strength Training Myths: The Truth Revealed

By: Akm 05/03/17 Group Fitness Classes
If you knew of a form of exercise that helped you torch fat, rev up your metabolism, increase flexibility and even boost self-esteem, wouldn’t you give it a try? Strength training certainly isn’t a new concept, but it’s making quite the comeback. There are a few misconceptions that come along with this form of exercise. […]

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