Channel Your Inner Ninja Warrior at These Chicago Gyms

By: Akm 08/04/17 Group Fitness Classes
Channel Your Inner Ninja Warrior! Now approaching its ninth season, American Ninja Warrior has taken off since its debut in 2009. In fact, producers of the show received nearly 1,000 applicants in its first season. Last year, however, that number has increased to 50,000 applicants and growing. Turns out, there are more than a few […]

Corporate Training Opportunities for Your Chicago Office

By: Akm 08/04/17 Group Fitness Classes
An office job is filled with opportunities to advance your career, but it’s also filled with a whole lot of sitting. Sitting in a chair isn’t bad, but when you do it for eight hours a day, five days a week, it can start to have a negative impact on your health. In fact, there […]

Lakeview Gym Member On the Move | April ’17 Angela De Wood

By: Akm 08/04/17 Lakeview Gym
Angela De Wood What do you do from 9-5? Combining my personal passion with my professional life, I entered the field of International Education. I worked as an elementary school teacher in South Korea before moving to Chicago where I transitioned into working with college students and young adults looking to study and work abroad. […]

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