Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know About Pull-Ups

By: David 11/05/21 Blog
Pull-ups are a very common exercise you might see in the gym, but for many, this can also be one of the most difficult movements to master.  Whether you’re new to working out, or you’ve been at it for years, here’s everything you need to know about pull-ups, including its benefits, how you can reach […]

Best Cardio Workout for Body Fat Loss – Can You Target Belly Fat?

By: David 11/05/21 Blog
Many fitness magazines and clickbait articles use phrases like “burn belly fat fast” or “lose the muffin top with this one exercise” — while yes, it is possible to burn fat, we don’t get to decide where on our bodies we feel the burn. Unfortunately, you can’t necessarily isolate and reduce belly fat alone, as […]

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