What is a Personal Trainer? Benefits, and What To Expect From a Personal Trainer

By: David 24/08/21 Personal Training
A personal trainer is a fitness professional who helps you to identify health and fitness goals, and design exercise and fitness programs to help you reach them. Their job is to help you become stronger and healthier by deciding which exercises you should perform, and showing you how to do them in a safe, controlled […]

What is a Full-Body Workout? Benefits, and All You Need To Know

By: David 23/08/21 Personal Training
A full-body workout is a workout that targets all the major muscle groups in one session. If you’re new to workout culture, there may be some terminology you need to catch up on. One of the more popular terms is “full-body workout,” and it’s exactly what it sounds like. But we’re here to provide you […]

Types of Core Exercises

By: David 09/08/21 Personal Training
Do you try and try to tone your midsection but can’t seem to make any headway? You’re not alone. Plenty of people, even those of us who hit the gym every day, find the core to be one of the most persistently troublesome areas on the body. But there’s a reason for this: the exercises […]

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