Tips for Dealing with Your In-Laws This Holiday Season

By: Areesh Ishtiaq 15/12/16 Buzz, Things To Do
Dealing with Your In-Laws – Your friends invited you to go out to the newest bar in the West Loop this Friday, but ohhh it looks like you’ll have to pass because … your in-laws are in town! They’re family and you love them, but between the various dinners, holiday parties and other family oriented […]

Chicago High Intensity Interval Training: What to Know About HIIT

By: Areesh Ishtiaq 26/11/16 High Intensity Interval Training, Trainer Tips
Put simply, HIIT is high intensity interval training that involves short bursts of hard work. Not only does it torch calories, this training method is great for your heart, boosts your mood, sparks metabolism, and is extremely efficient. That means you could be spending less time in the gym, but still burning calories nonetheless. Whether […]

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