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5 Tips to Get You Closer to that Six Pack

5 Tips to Get You Closer to that Six Pack

By: Akm 18/03/16 Blog

For most of us human beings, developing a six pack can seem about as likely as winning the lottery or pizza somehow becoming good for you. But the truth is, that dream doesn’t have to be far off. Putting in some hard work in the gym and in the kitchen may result in the toned abs you’ve been pining after.

Mix Things Up
Many people believe that in order to get a six pack, they must consistently work their ab muscles, and only their ab muscles. However, variety is key to toning your tummy. It’s crucial to work your entire body in order to effectively shred fat from the stomach, as well as other areas.

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Keep Your Back Supported
Whether you’re doing leg lifts, butterfly sit-ups or bicycle crunches, it’s key to keep your lower back glued to the floor. This not only helps engage your abs, it protects your back in the process. You shouldn’t be able to slide your hand underneath your back when you’re lying flat on the floor.

Remember to Breathe
This may seem like an obvious tip, but taking in oxygen is what allows your muscles to perform at their best. Actively remind yourself to breathe, taking a breath in on the easiest part of the exercise, and exhaling when you’re exerting the most energy, such as when you’re coming up during a crunch.

Don’t Be Afraid of Fat
You’d think that in order to achieve a stomach that’s free of excess fat, you’d have to stay away from foods that are equipped with a high fat content. However, that’s not necessarily the case, as long as you’re consuming good fats. Foods such as avocado, almonds, whole eggs, olive oil, salmon and even dark chocolate can keep you full and satisfied. Plus, they come with nutrients your body needs to stay healthy, like Vitamin E, fiber, calcium, iron and omega-3s.

Get Some Sleep
Turns out, getting your eight hours is crucial for a number of reasons, one of them being that it may reduce stomach fat. We’ll explain.

When you’re stressed out, levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, can increase. This spike in cortisol could lead to a bigger appetite and in turn, more stomach fat. Sleep can help reduce the amount of cortisol in your body to keep you less stressed and less hungry. Didn’t get a full night’s sleep? That’s OK – just take a quick nap. According to Pennsylvania State University, a nap can also help cut cortisol levels.

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