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April Members On the Move for April

April Members On the Move for April

By: Akm 04/04/16 Blog

Jenna Langley:PR for Freshii

Tell us about you goals, what inspired you to get into CTF?

I I LOVE GOALS! We all have the resources to create our lives and goals are what guides us and pushes us! I have been doing crossfit the last few years, and I joined CT to get my endurance back up and push myself in new ways!

What do you do from 9 to 5?

 The last couple years I have been doing Sales and Marketing for Freshii however I am currently transitioning into fitness counseling for people with mental health issues!

 When do you make time to workout?

 I typically work out after work because it gives me energy and the right mentality to finish my night strong!

How do your workouts at CTF keep you going in your busy professional life?

Working out is a priority for me and I use it for my mental, emotional and physical health. In order for me to reach my fullest potential, working out both grounds me and pushes me to do so. It helps that CTF has an awesome community which makes going in fun!

What’s one goal you have inside the gym and one outside of it?

Strength Goal: 2 STRICT pull ups in a row
Personal Goal: Start my own fitness and goal coaching program for High School and College Girls. Mission: EMPOWER them to be the BEST and STRONGEST version of them selves.

Social Media: jen_langley

Greg Morris: huge racer and everyday hard worker at CTF

Tell us about you goals, what inspired you to get into CTF.

My goal has always been to improve. I joke with people that I don’t work out but rather train. After a number of years of martial arts, I got into obstacle course racing (OCR). That has kept me motivated and always looking for new challenges. There have been some marathons and Ultra Ragnar scattered throughout but I would rather run up a mountain any day. I’ve been coast to coast traveling for races. After shoulder surgery in 2015, I had to become smarter in how I pushed myself. I began focusing on body weight exercises. While in the Elite wave of the Battlefrog Championship, last December in Orlando, I DQ’d. I had never failed a race and knew I had to mix up the routine. At that race, they had mandatory obstacles and specially designed rigs just for the elites. Considering you had to be a top 10 finisher to qualify and they had a number of wristbands (failed competitors) it was pretty tough. The OCRWC and Spartan Championships were easier. I decided to leave the friendly confines of the local gym and needed to find a gym with the “toys” to train. The first class I attended was with Tres and that was a great introduction to the classes and mindset of CTF. I was sold after that.

What do you do from 9 to 5?

I am an underwriting manager for a Managing General Underwriting firm in downtown Chicago. I manage products including healthcare and non-profit professional liability. Don’t worry it is more interesting than it sounds.

When do you make time to workout?

Mainly before and, if needed, after work. I am a morning person so I don’t mind the 5am class. Unfortunately, that makes for a long day. It really determines what race is next. For instance when winter marathon training, I had to run in the mornings to find time to get the distances in.

How do your workouts at CTF keep you going in your busy professional life?

The classes offer a great amount of variety that challenges the body. It is way more fun than running on a treadmill. It allows a full body workout in an hour and is an efficient use of time during the week. Luckily there are multiple classes throughout the day.

What’s one goal you have inside the gym and one outside of it?

Outside – to never lose a wristband in a race again. Inside – to always push myself. It opens up so much athletically. Since joining CTF, I’ve improved my running immensely. Training the fast twitch movements with the slow twitch aspect of long distance running has seen huge improvements.

Instagram: ocrmorris

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