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O homem moderno passa todos os dias com um smartphone em suas mãos. Por causa disso, os portais de apostas online estão cada vez mais adaptando suas páginas para se adequarem às pequenas telas de gadgets portáteis. A versão móvel do cassino Pin Up permite que você jogue, receba bônus e participe de atividades a qualquer momento e em qualquer lugar. A única coisa que você precisa fazer é abrir o site oficial, entrar na sua página pessoal e, se necessário, reabastecer a sua conta de jogo.

October Member of the Month: Mustafa Hussain

October Member of the Month: Mustafa Hussain

By: Akm 26/10/16 Blog

The October Member of the Month is: Mustafa Hussain

1. Favorite Cheat Food / Restaurant:

Pizza— pretty much any kind and anywhere. I’ll have to give a shout out to my neighborhood hangout: PR-Pizza Rustica. Real Italian cooking, great drinks and staff.

2. Favorite Healthy Food on the Go:

Apples with Pete’s Peanut butter or Almond Butter. It satisfies your crunch, sweet and salty craving all at once! Decent protein and fiber.

3. Favorite Exercise:

This is a tough one. I like moves that I am shocked my body can do: Box jumps and wall balls. Its amazing how much power you have stored in your body. I also like deadlifts now. I was always afraid to try them because i thought I would hurt myself. Thanks to Sonya and the other instructors I learned they can be safe, painless and effective.

4. Fitness Goal:

My goal is to be stronger, have more muscle and grow older healthier.

5. College or University attended:

University of Rochester for Undergrad and NYU for Med School. Both of which were 1000 years ago.

6.Fun Fact about you:

 I’m a bariatric surgeon. I help very heavy people who have tried everything else to lose weight by surgically manipulating their digestive systems. Over the past few years I have helped hundreds of people lose thousands of pounds. In addition to the surgery, I discuss nutrition and fitness with my patients. I have lost close to 100 lbs myself in the past without surgery, and realize the struggle is real. I fell off the wagon many times myself, and sometimes my patients help me get back on track!

7. Favorite work out Song right now:

I like all kinds of music from hip hop to metal to EDM, but ultimately I am a pop fan. Lighting by Rihanna/Clavin and anything Justine Bieber get me going right now.

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