Total Body Workout Chicago – Windy City Live Feature

By: Akm 19/05/15 Blog
Watch CTF Fitness Director, Betina Gozo, demo one of the best total body workouts, “Tabata” on Windy City Live. Screenshot credit via Windy City Live.

Heading to the Beach? CTF teams up with Chicago Stand Up Paddle Boarding

By: Akm 19/05/15 Blog
Chicago Stand-Up Paddle Boarding Classes We’re making a splash this June as our West Loop gym teams up with Chicago SUP, the city’s premier Stand-Up Paddle Board outfitter, to offer gym-goers a chance to head to North Avenue beach to enhance their total body workout this summer. Led every Saturday morning (8:30 – 9:30) by […]

Who’s Tabata? Tabata – HIIT Workouts Chicago

CrossTown Fitness thrives on high intensity interval training workouts, and now the West Loop gym is offering classes that incorporate Tabata, the latest craze in fast strength training. This time-effective form of interval training makes it easier than ever to fit a total body workout into your schedule and see results after just a couple […]

Importance of Interval Training

By: Akm 16/05/15 Blog
Looking to switch up your workout? It might be time to bring HIIT into your life at our west loop gym, CrossTown Fitness. What is HIIT? High-Intensity Interval Training, commonly known as HIIT, involves short bursts of intense exercise, typically lasting 30-60 seconds. These heightened intervals of exercise are repeated with intermittent recovery periods, which […]

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