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September Member of the Month: Kurt Anderson

September Member of the Month: Kurt Anderson

By: Akm 27/09/16 Blog

The September Member of the Month is: Kurt Anderson

1. Favorite Cheat Food / Restaurant:

If I’m being completely honest, half my diet during the week and 100% during the weekends would be considered cheating! I love any and all food (especially anything deep fried!). This is probably the main reason why I’m dedicated to working out regularly, so that I can eat and drink what I do without feeling guilty.

2. Favorite Healthy Food on the Go:

Twinkies!! Do they even make these anymore or are they just recirculating the ones made back when I was a kid? Oh yeah, healthy. I’m a sucker for beef jerky!

3. Favorite Exercise:

 Power cleans! This is actually a love/hate thing for me – I absolutely despise them when doing them but love them afterwards. You know, I think I feel that way about all exercises (especially burpees, no I just flat out hate burbees!!). I have an eerie feeling that there will be backlash for saying I hate burpees. I apologize in advance for being in the same class with you if and when Dave, Stacy, or Stephanie makes us do an absurd amount of burpees.

4. Fitness Goal:

My fitness goal is a pretty simple one, I think. I just want to feel good. I try to listen to my body and when it is telling me that I’m not feeling good (feeling lethargic, bloated, etc.) I know it’s time to get off my ass and start moving! Of course, having a ripped eight-pack would be nice as well.

5. College or University attended:

University of Utah! Go UTES!! “Uh, what was that word? Did you say ‘utes’?”

6.Fun Fact about you:

 I don’t know my true age. No, I can’t do a carbon test or a ring test to find out how old I really am; what am I, a tree?! I was adopted (Kurt Anderson isn’t too common of an Asian name) from an orphanage at a very young age, and they didn’t have any information about me so the U.S. government just gave me a birth date when I was adopted. I think they just threw darts at a calendar to decide when I was born.

7. Favorite work out Song right now:

I am all over the board on this one! From Thunderstruck by AC/DC (anything by AC/DC really), Lose Yourself by Eminem to EDM/House music. Just play anything with a strong beat, that’s what usually helps keep me motivated through the workout (and of course, all the great trainers at CTF!).

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