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5 Apps That Will Help You Reach Your 2017 Fitness Goals

5 Apps That Will Help You Reach Your 2017 Fitness Goals

By: Akm 26/02/17 Group Fitness Classes

5 Apps That Will Help You Reach Your 2017 Fitness Goals. These tools can take your workouts to the next level, and we’re not talking about a kettlebell (although that’s pretty great, too). Supplement your gym routine with your smartphone. Apps can help take your exercise regimen to the next level by providing real-time feedback, offering instant workouts and helping you find the best Chicago gyms nearest to you. Facebook and Snapchat may help you pass the time, but they’re not going to do much for your fitness goal progress. Start off the year right by downloading any of these five apps to your smartphone:


This app was popular in 2016, and it’s only becoming more popular in 2017. With MindBody, you can find Chicago group fitness classes or book sessions with local personal trainers. Schedule all of your classes and personal training sessions right through the app – you can book a class last minute or schedule it for a month in advance. Classes range from high-intensity interval training and barre to yoga and crossfit. The MindBody app is also a great way to discover promotions and introductory offers in your area.

Charity Miles

Talk about workout motivation! For every mile you bike, 10 cents are donated to your charity of choice. For every mile you run, 25 cents are donated. These donations come from sponsors such as Chobani, Johnson & Johnson and Timex sports. When you’re sweating for a charity that means a lot to you, it can be easy to find that extra boost of motivation when you’re lagging on that last mile. Plus, you can keep track of how much money your exercise habits have earned your charity of choice.


Who said your workout had to take place in a gym? Getting in shape doesn’t have to mean running on the treadmill. Find activities you love to mix in with your weekly workouts. Yonder is free on Android and iOS and helps you find local outdoor excursions based on your interests. Activities range from swimming and biking to skiing, snowboarding, backpacking and hiking. You can even read reviews on Yonder that detail other user experiences. If you don’t like your workout routine, chances are you’ll find an excuse to skip it. Instead, make time for exercise that you actually look forward to!


When you’re working through your high-intensity interval workout, the last thing you want to be doing is keeping track of time. Instead, let an app do that for you! When you can’t fit a group fitness class at CrossTown Fitness into your schedule, rely on Intervals for your home workouts. The app allows you to easily customize circuits so all you have to focus on is keeping good form with each repetition.


There’s a good chance you already have this app on your phone, but do you take advantage of it while you’re at the gym? Create your own customized playlists of your favorite songs or browse through the various workouts playlists Spotify has already created specifically for intense workouts. If you’re headed out for a run, Select “Browse” then “Running.” Choose your favorite genre then just start running – your phone will detect your pace and select songs that match your tempo. Don’t forget to follow CrossTown fitness on Spotify for even more curated workout playlists!

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