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July Member on the Move: Greg Morris from CTF NorthSide

July Member on the Move: Greg Morris from CTF NorthSide

By: Akm 17/07/17 Group Fitness Classes

Meet July Member on the Move: Greg Morris from CTF NorthSide

CTF NorthSide

What do you do from 9 to 5?
I am vice president to a managing general underwriting firm in the loop. Essentially we work with insurance companies to insure niches that we focus on. I work with creating rating platforms, putting together guidelines/policy forms, underwriting risks, and growing the programs. Putting the math nerd background to good use.

When do you make time to workout?
MORNINGS! I’m one of the few 5am north-siders. I shifted to mornings years ago and the commute is so much easier for it. The morning is also great since I get to do the classes with the wife.

What inspired you to get into CTF?
I was looking at changing up the workout and CTF was the perfect fit. For years I was the guy at the FFC doing high intensity in the mornings. CTF has a whole schedule for it. I’ve done crossfit and was looking for that similar pace without the super heavy lifting. The dedicated trainers keeps me coming back often and it keeps me in race shape. By having a variety of styles, the workouts stay exciting.

Tell us a fun fact about you!
I discovered OCR (Obstacle Course Races) with Warrior Dash way back in the day in 2010 but didn’t fall in love with them till I did a Spartan Race in 2013. OCR’s play well into CTF since you really never know what to expect.  Racing is the great equaliver.  There is no cutting corners and it really shows what one has in the tank. 46 of the races on my Athlinks are OCRs.  It is just so much more exciting to me then road running.  Given my injuries, it is easier on the feet too.  I am looking forward to more in the future.  We had a small group from CTF that regularly do these.  I am actually dragging the wife and Stephanie Rountree to Canada this year for the race.  Maybe a start of an new addiction for others!

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