January ’17 Member of the Month – Will Haverkamp

January ’17 Member of the Month – Will Haverkamp

By: Akm 27/01/17 Lakeview Gym


What do you do from 9 to 5?  I work at Fiore Nursery and Landscape supply as an Account Manager for them. Day to day I work with commercial and residential Landscape contractors, local universities, and Landscape Architects,  supplying them with Trees, shrubs, flowers, and seasonal decor helping them beautify the green scape around the city of Chicago

When do you make time to workout? I try to make it in at least three to four times per week, early afternoons during the week, and Saturday mornings

What inspired you to get into CTF? At first it was a challenge amongst friends then as I achieved increasing results, I continued my membership as a strive to better myself athletically and physically all the way around. In 2016, it was key supplemental training for Ironman Wisconsin which I completed in September. The community at CTF has a way of welcoming you and continuing to challenge you be better every day, and that was something that’s always kept me coming back.

Tell us a fun fact about you! Fun fact: I spent a portion of my childhood growing up on a dairy farm in Kansas.

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