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O homem moderno passa todos os dias com um smartphone em suas mãos. Por causa disso, os portais de apostas online estão cada vez mais adaptando suas páginas para se adequarem às pequenas telas de gadgets portáteis. A versão móvel do cassino Pin Up permite que você jogue, receba bônus e participe de atividades a qualquer momento e em qualquer lugar. A única coisa que você precisa fazer é abrir o site oficial, entrar na sua página pessoal e, se necessário, reabastecer a sua conta de jogo.

Member on the Move: Bonnie Herrmann

Member on the Move: Bonnie Herrmann

By: Akm 09/03/16 Member On The Move

This Month’s Flex your Fit Member is from the Northside(but occasionally will do PT at the West).

Bonnie Herrmann!


“9-5: I’m a hospice social worker. It’s very humbling to care for people at end of life, and I’m constantly inspired to appreciate every day I’m given. Since starting CTF, I’ve finally found workouts that I’m excited about doing! Actually enjoying working out makes it easier to get to class 5 days/week, and it’s an added bonus that the classes are always challenging and motivating! Working out after I get off work is a great way for me to turn my brain off and destress”

Favorite Cheat Food / Restaurant:

 Anything Mexican!

 Fitness Goal/inspiration!:

I’m getting married in April in Hawaii, so that’s currently my biggest motivator! Outside of that, the endless junk food and laziness just weren’t working for me and I knew I needed a change. As far as fitness goals go, I’m working hard to make working out and eating well a habit, rather than a quick fix. I’m working towards full pushups and pul lups, and would like to do my second half marathon this summer. It’s been amazing to continually challenge myself! Outside of the gym, I’m currently working towards obtaining my licensure as a clinical social worker (LCSW) and will be taking my exam next month!

Favorite Healthy Food on the Go:

I drive between patient visits during the day, so it seems like all my food is on the go. I’m really into these tuna quinoa cakes lately:

Favorite Exercise:

Most of my workouts are at CTF these days. I also enjoy running and yoga.

College or University attended(if so, if not no worries!):

The University of Texas at Austin. Hook ’em!

Fun Fact about you:

I’m planning to move to New Zealand in a few years!

Favorite work out Song right now:

Pretty much anything pop punk. I’ve been listening to The Sidekicks and Cayatana lately.

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