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MEMBER ON THE MOVE – Chris Donahue

MEMBER ON THE MOVE – Chris Donahue

By: Akm 27/09/16 Member On The Move

Chris Donahue
Tell us about you goals, what inspired you to get into CTF?

My goals are just to be in the best physical condition that I can be with my busy lifestyle. I love playing sports because of my competitive nature and team oriented personality which is something that I get from CTF unlike a normal gym. Its great to know that at the same time the coaches are thinking of creative workouts and movements to get a full body workout in a fun way.

What do you do from 9 to 5?

I just did a complete 180 in career paths from my previous 8 years of animal training (Killer Whales at multiple Sea World parks, to the Lions at Lincoln Park Zoo) to the Corporate HR field. However, my new position gets to do all of the fun aspects of HR. I am highly involved in the on-boarding and cultural awareness of new employees and lead the event planning for department/company wide events for an International Cheese Company.

 When do you make time to workout?

Ultimately I wish I could start my day off with a great workout before heading to work. However, I am a night owl and love sleeping in, so I usually catch the evening classes. I am also currently involved in 3 different sports leagues around chicago, so when I can not make it to CTF I get my workouts in that way.

How do your workouts at CTF keep you going in your busy professional life?

I treat them as an escape from reality and a way to give my mind a rest from the busy day before. Focusing at the gym and putting all of my energy into minuscule aspects of the movements and jamming out to the music re-energizes and clears my mind for the next days adventures and challenges.

What’s one goal you have inside the gym and one outside of it?

Inside the gym, I want to push myself to the limits and gain more muscle mass while staying cardiovascularly fit while being a teammate to other gym members to keep the fun social aspect of CTF . Outside the gym, I want to take my new position in our company to a global presence which would then give me the opportunity to pursue my other passion of traveling at the same time.

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