Member on the Move:  Julie Muczynski

Member on the Move: Julie Muczynski

By: Akm 22/12/16 Member On The Move

Meet Julie Muczynskifullsizerender

What do you do 9-5?

I don’t have a typical 9-5 work schedule. I’m a makeup artist for ABC7 News so my work hours are 2am-11am. I love my job! I’ve worked with a lot of really amazing people and I’m always well informed about world affairs. Making people look pretty for TV is always fun:) 

When do you make time to work out?

Anytime I get a chance! I try to come to CTF in between my shifts, usually the 6am class. If not, I’ll make time in the afternoon after my work day is over.

What inspired you to get into CTF?

I’ve been inspired to work out because I think strong women are beautiful, it makes me feel amazing inside and out and mind and body wellness are essential for a healthy life. CTF has challenged me every time I have taken a class from the day I started coming here over 3 years ago. The instructors are people that always inspire me and the people that work out here motivate me

Fun fact about me….I am a big traveler, always seeking new adventures. I have flown on over 60 flights this year alone! Each year I  make a bucket list of places and I’m off! 

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