Member on the Move: Phil Salat

Member on the Move: Phil Salat

By: Akm 10/12/15 Member On The Move

Member on the Move – December Spotlight

Tell us about you goals, what inspired you to get into CTF?

 In DecIMG_7906ember of 2014 I was the heaviest I was since high school and I was having to buy bigger pants. I felt pretty awful about how I looked but I’m not one to  really worry about that. It was when a friend of mine tried to convince me to come to a summer music festival with him thay i started to feel swlf concious. I  wanted to go but I knew I didn’t want to go be a sweaty fat mess at this festival. It was the first week of January when a coworker brought me to cross town for  the first time. After my first class I decided that if I wanted to go to that music festival that I would be fit when I went. As the months passed and my diet  shifted and my workouts continued I decided that my goal weight would be 185 from 245. I ended up going to the festival at 195 and more confident then ever.

What do you do from 9 to 5?

 From 9 to 5 (more like 9 to 6) I am a talent agent at Lily’s Talent Agency. I am the On Camera Jr agent focusing on commercials, television shows, and feature  films.

 When do you make time to workout?

 I hit the 8 am class at CTF Mon-Thurs before walking across the street to work. It’s the perfect way to start my day and prepare for the hard work to come.

How do your workouts at CTF keep you going in your busy professional life?

When I arrive at work after my workout I am primed and ready to work. Before starting my am workouts I would be sluggish for hours at the beginning of the day just trying to get started. There is nothing quite like knocking out the hardest part of my day first thing in the morning. I mean if I can do that than there is nothing I can’t do.

What’s one goal you have inside the gym and one outside of it?

I’m actually on the market for a new gym goal. I’m thinking about training for a Spartan race or tough mudder. Or perhaps pushing my running limit and striving to be able to do a 15k. As for out side of the gym I really just want to be happy, which I am very much succeeding at at the moment. But in 2016 I do want to continue to move forward in my profession and remove the Jr from my title by the end of the year.

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