Alex Barone

Alex is a NASM certified personal trainer. Being an athlete all her life and transitioning into the workforce, she realized firsthand how intensely exercise affects the human body physiologically, physically, and emotionally. Alex wants to give her clients that experience and help them maintain those changes in their daily lives. She was a collegiate athlete named on the All-American Team, Conference Player of the Year and presented the National Tournament Hustle Award. Following college, Alex received her OPEX CCP Level 1 Assessment, OPEX CCP Level 1 Program Design, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and NASM Personal Trainer Certification. Being a former basketball player and a current basketball coach, Alex has experience in training athletes of all ages in sport specific drills. She also excels with one-on-one functional movement training with adult clients. Her philosophy is being healthy isn’t just about what you eat or how much you lift. Build a functional foundation for everyday life. Program a specific plan geared towards targeting your weaknesses, building on your strengths, and being aware of your goals. Progression is what being healthy is all about!