Alexandra Saviano

During her junior year in college, Alex realized her fascination with the human body during her anatomy class. After college, she signed up for yoga teacher training as a way to add a hobby to her working office job schedule. During the year long certification program, she realized yoga was her passion. In the time of yoga teacher training she also begin CrossFit. For her thesis to graduate yoga certification she chose “Yoga for CrossFit,” where she explained the mechanics and similarities between the two and how important it is to practice mobility if you want to enhancing your fitness and lifting. While traveling to different gyms, teaching mobility to athletes, Alex also got her health coach certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, where she was able to host food challenges to members to get them on the right track with accountability and meal planning. Alex likes to explain that fitness is more than just working out; its caring for your body, focusing on your alignment, eating well and focusing on the breath. Outside of fitness, Alex enjoys hanging with her pup, Mugsy as well as catching up with friends and cooking on Sundays with the family.
Alexandra is available for personal training geared toward mobility, yoga and functional movement