Aly Christofferson

As a huge hockey fanatic, Aly cultivated her love for movement cheering on her older brother’s hockey team. Although not a hockey player herself, it sparked her fascination for athleticism. Aly led a different path in her fitness career as a dancer. She performed at her city’s local arts center in tap, jazz, and hip-hop. Taking her passion one step further to her high school dance team, she was recognized as the team’s “sharpest” dancer, and helped lead her team to back-to-back state championships as team captain.

Over the years, Aly has consistenly found new ways to challenge herself – from HIIT classes, biking, yoga, boxing, 5k/half-marathons, and the Hyrox competition. It wasn’t until she moved to Chicago and joined CrossTown that she found her fitness niche. Inspired by a new city and coaches, Aly received her Personal and Group Training certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

Aly encourages clients to be adventurous with their fitness routine and says “it is key to consistency, and don’t forget…FUN!” When you train with Aly, her fierce work ethic will shine by being aware of how you feel and knowing how to guide you to power through with good form and necessary focus. Just as Aly has her own story, she is eager to become a part of yours.


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