Alysha Bazan

Alysha is an ACE certified personal trainer and takes pride in motivating others. Her main focus is on helping individuals reach both their short-term and long-term health and fitness goals. She graduated from Illinois State University in 2012 with a degree in Kinesiology. Her involvement with sports from a young age provided a pathway to a career in the fitness industry. The commitment to basketball, among other sports, created a strong understanding of the countless hours needed for a healthy and functional lifestyle. Alysha has experience in training athletes of all ages in sport specific drills. She also excels with one-on-one functional movement training with adult clients. She is very passionate about what her clients get out of a workout and that they enjoy the experience as well. She received her Fitness Nutrition Specialty Certification through American Council on Exercise which allows her to provide nutrition information for an actionable lifestyle change.