Jaime Vargas

Growing up, Jaime was always active in sports playing baseball, basketball and volleyball. It wasn’t until high school that he took weight lifting seriously, though. Jaime always had a passion for working out. During volleyball in high school, his team actively did drills to better and strengthen themselves. But in college is where he found his true calling.

Jaime ended up at Columbia College Chicago to pursue a career in dance. As he was dancing all day, he was also lifting. A trainer at a gym approached him and said that he should be a trainer so Jaime went the route of NASM. From then, he’s been NASM certified. During that time, Jaime also received a Bachelor’s in dance from Columbia College Chicago.

As an all-around trainer and class instructor, he makes clients feel good about themselves, pushes them to their limits, and makes them feel comfortable with him. “I like to help people achieve their goals whether it be weight loss, balance, muscle gains, stability, etc. It’s my goal to make the client feel good and happy knowing they can achieve anything they want,” Jaime says. “In a classroom setting, I want everyone to just have fun, be upbeat, bring positivity, encourage everyone because we are all in this together”.

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