Paige Quinlan

Paige grew up as a swimmer in the southwest suburbs. She learned to appreciate the benefits of practice, dedication and early morning workouts at an early age. She still loves to get up before the sun, only nowadays she’s in the gym rather than the pool.

After her swimming career, she studied Communications at the University of Illinois and began exploring new ways to stay fit outside of the pool. The school’s gym quickly became her favorite spot and she started to learn more about strength and conditioning. After graduation, she became a NASM certified personal trainer as well as a Strongfirst Kettlebell instructor.

She began her fitness career in small group training, where she learned the benefits of strength training as a team. She loves how members motivate each other to do their best and get stronger every day. After a couple of years in the industry, she began to grow her one on one personal training business. She excels at tailoring programming to each individual’s needs to ensure each client is getting the most out of their training. Paige is excited to blend each aspect of her training background to offer Crosstown Fitness members the most beneficial, motivating and fun training experience. She strongly believes fitness is for everyone and is dedicated to helping all Crosstown Fitness members achieve his or her goals.