Rae Reichlin

Growing up a dancer Rae moved, learned, and worked hard with every day. She loved using her mind and body in tandem and pushing them to their limits.

When Rae decided she did not want to pursue dance professionally, she had to find something to replace that feeling of working hard and getting tangible results. This is where she found fitness. Going to the gym quickly became her favorite activity, and she found herself jealous of all the trainers who got to stay there and help others accomplish their goals and learn about their bodies all day, so she decided to become one of those trainers herself.  She earned her personal trainer certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Rae took on all the she could, teaching Pilates, bootcamp, and barre classes, all while building her clientele for personal training. She quickly learned that fitness and exercise was not a one size fits all model, and pursued a Functional Movement Screen Certification to aid her in individualizing her clients and breaking down what they need for their specific bodies.

Rae has worked with clients of all levels and fitness backgrounds, and loves to see each and every one come to meet their goals in their own way.