Ryan Nightingale

Ryan was an elite and collegiate gymnast, though he picked up every sport he could growing up in the “boonies” of northern Illinois! Additionally, Ryan has a competitive CrossFit and gymnastics background. He picked up Crossfit shortly after a leg injury where he was told he’d limp for the rest of my life and never again run. Therefore, his passion for fitness comes from that personal injury and filling the hole left from competitive gymnastics. He loves watching people grow and succeed in their own goals and being a part of their journey. Everyone is unique and beautiful, and he believes that we can all band together to support our community goals and build a better tomorrow starting today.

Honor, courage, commitment are the three most important morals in his heart and he strives to uphold the standard he sets for himself every day. He looks forward to working with all of you and can’t wait to continue building up this awesome community even more.

Always Forward.

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