West Loop Personal Trainer of the Month – January

West Loop Personal Trainer of the Month – January

By: Akm 01/01/17 Personal Training

Meet Samantha Swansensamheadshot


  1. What is your training philosophy?  “VARIETY is the spice” Your body likes to be challenged in different ways. The goal is to build body awareness and listen to what your body wants and needs.
  2. What keeps you motivated through your workouts? The great feeling of a challenge, others to workout with and good music.
  3. What is your favorite exercise? Deadlifts, sun salutations, and BURPEES!
  4. What is your favorite cheat food? Chocolate and wine
  5. What is your favorite healthy food on the go? Green smoothies
  6. What are your current fitness goals? Keep my body injury free, hold a handstand for 10 secs, complete 8 pull-ups.
  7. What do you never forget to bring with you to the gym? Stretchy pants!
  8. What is a fun fact about you? I lived in Australia until I was 19. The United States is the 4th country I have lived in!
  9. If you could train one person, who would it be and why? Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” Because he is pretty funny and I would probably get a lot out of it as well.  
  10. Spotify Link to your favorite playlist right now: Mine: summit sessions


Want to learn more about Sam? Check out her website! www.ayogaguide.com

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