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5 Tips for Eating Healthy Pre-and Post-Workout

5 Tips for Eating Healthy Pre-and Post-Workout

By: Akm 06/10/15 Lakeview Gym, Trainer Tips

West Loop & Lakeview Gym Cafe Partners with Go Grocer

When you come home after a long, tough workout and head into the kitchen, what food do you reach for? A frozen pizza? A salad? Maybe some take-out? It’s important to be aware because what you’re putting in your body is an extension of your workout. The goal is to give yourself something that’s going to enhance your workout, rather than erase it completely. In order to reach your health and fitness goals, you have to abide by a few rules. Check out these five tips for staying healthy in and out of the gym:


Pick up a Snack at CrossTown

Contrary to popular belief, snacking isn’t as bad as people make it out to be. In fact, when you select the right foods, snacking is a great way to refuel your body and give your metabolism a boost. The key is to choose snacks that are going to provide you with energy without slowing you down later. A bag of chips might satisfy you now, but you’ll be looking for a new snack shortly after. Avoid salty foods and opt for something packed with protein to keep you full, like Greek yogurt, a handful of almonds or some sliced apples with peanut butter. Either before or after your workout at our Chicago gym, check out our cafe, which is packed full of delicious and healthy snacks for you to enjoy.

Starting this month, Go Grocer, a local boutique grocery store, will be supplying our cafe with a variety of tasty specialty foods and snacks, which include all-natural and organic items, fresh produce and even vegan and vegetarian options. If you don’t have time to grab some food from CTF, you can stop in at any one of their Chicago Gym locations and stock your kitchen with fresh homemade meals like ready-made sandwiches, healthy wraps and sides, parfaits and fresh produce. During the entire month of October, all CTF members will receive 15 percent off their entire order.

Use a Smaller Plate

It’s simple: If your plate is larger, you’re more likely to fill it up with more food than you actually need. If a plate is left with lots of empty space, you assume you didn’t actually eat that much. However, if you opt for a smaller plate, you trick your brain into thinking that you’re consuming more food.

Give Yourself a Break

Everyone knows that if you want to stay fit, it’s best to avoid those oh-so-delicious foods like pizza, cookies, fried chicken, brownies, etc. But every once in awhile, remember that it’s OK to give yourself a break and indulge a little bit. In fact, giving yourself a little leeway in your diet can help prevent you from overeating later on.

Go Grocer’s specialty chocolate section is particularly perfect if you’re looking to indulge in something sweet! Don’t have a sweet tooth? Then fill your cart with any of Go Grocer’s extensive craft beer and wine, which is sure to be equally as satisfying.

Experiment with Other Cooking Methods

Certain cooking methods are better than others when you’re trying to stay on track with a healthy diet. Avoid frying your foods, and try roasting or baking instead. This option still gives you that crunch you crave without all of the added calories and fat.

Abide by the 80/20 Rule

The outer areas of the grocery store tend to be the healthiest, as they’re filled with fresh produce, greens and meats. The inner aisles are where the more processed foods can be found. Ideally, your cart should be filled with 80 percent of food from the outside aisles, and 20 percent from the inside.

Looking for more helpful tips on how to stay healthy?  Walk in to our west loop gym or wrigleyville location for more information.

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