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Crosstown athletes, it’s time!

Schedules will be released 14 days out to offer exclusive preferred booking to our CTF members due to our limited capacity.

The health and safety of our members and staff is our number one priority.

Below are the protocols we are putting into place to ensure the safety of our athletes and our community at large as we reopen for classes.



[mvc_infobox image_id=”3922″ info_title=”MASKS!” info_desc=”Clients & members that have been vaccinated can work and train without a mask. If you feel more comfortable continuing to wear a mask you can do so as well.” image_size=”100px”]
[mvc_infobox image_id=”3929″ info_title=”TEMPERATURE CHECK” info_desc=”Everyone will be required to take a surface temperature reading upon entering the studio. Anyone at or above 99 degrees will be required to leave.” image_size=”100px”]
[mvc_infobox image_id=”3934″ info_title=”UV SHOE DISINFECTANT” info_desc=”Everyone will be required to sanitize their shoes upon entering the studio using Healthy Sole, which kills up to 99% of exposed organisms on the bottom of shoes (8secs.)” image_size=”100px”]
[mvc_infobox image_id=”3933″ info_title=”TOWELS” info_desc=”We’ll continue to provide complimentary towels for personal use.” image_size=”100px”]
[mvc_infobox image_id=”3932″ info_title=”PERSONAL BELONGINGS” info_desc=”Please bring only the personal belongings that you absolutely need.” image_size=”100px”]
[mvc_infobox image_id=”3935″ info_title=”WASH & SANITIZE” info_desc=”Everyone will be required to wash hands/apply hand sanitizer upon entering the studio.” image_size=”100px”]

What will In-Studio Class look like?

[interective_banner effects=”effect-sadie” title=”REDUCED CLASS SIZES” titlesize=”20px” desc=”Class Format I All class formats will have Limited transitions. Under no circumstances will equipment be shared.” clr=”#ffffff” image_id=”3950″ bgclr=”#a8a8a8″]
[interective_banner effects=”effect-sadie” title=”MASKS” titlesize=”20px” desc=”Clients & members that have been vaccinated can work and train without a mask. If you feel more comfortable continuing to wear a mask you can do so as well. ” clr=”#ffffff” image_id=”3955″ bgclr=”#a8a8a8″]
[interective_banner effects=”effect-sadie” title=”AIR CIRCULATION” titlesize=”20px” desc=”All windows/doors will be kept open during the classes for additional air circulation” clr=”#ffffff” image_id=”3952″ bgclr=”#a8a8a8″]
[interective_banner effects=”effect-sadie” title=”BARRIERS” titlesize=”20px” desc=”8ft high barriers will be placed in between all treadmills.” clr=”#ffffff” image_id=”3953″ bgclr=”#a8a8a8″]
[interective_banner effects=”effect-sadie” title=”DISINFECTANT SPRAY BOTTLES” titlesize=”20px” desc=”Multiple disinfectant spray bottles will be located in the workout area.” clr=”#ffffff” image_id=”3951″ bgclr=”#a8a8a8″]
[interective_banner effects=”effect-sadie” title=”LATE CANCEL/ NO-SHOW POLICY” titlesize=”20px” desc=”Our policy will remain active late cancels and no-shows will result in the corresponding penalt opportunity for you to join class with our decreased capacity.” clr=”#ffffff” image_id=”3954″ bgclr=”#a8a8a8″]

Cleaning Protocol

Protexus Handheld Electrostatic Sprayer I All equipment and surfaces will be cleaned after class and during opening/closing procedures. The Protexus Handheld Electrostatic Sprayer wraps around surfaces & objects in 360°, providing 3x more coverage in the same amount of time than traditional spray bottles, buckets, and rags.

HealthySole I Required for everyone entering a CTF Studio. HealthySole is a clinicallytested UVC product that kills up to gg% of pathogens on the soles of your shoes within 8 seconds.

Antibacterial Wipe Stations I Additional antibacterial wipe stations have been added to all CTF locations.

Hand Sanitizer Stations I We have doubled the amount of hand sanitizer stations. Disinfectant Spray Bottles I Multiple disinfectant spray bottles will be Located within the workout area.

Towels I We’ll provide separate blue towels for cleaning purposes only.


To Our CrossTown Family,

Thank you for your continual support of CTF throughout the closure! Whether that support came in the form of a donation of membership dues, unfreezing your membership, a gift card purchase, participating in our LIVE workouts, fireside chats, and LIVE Social hours -or sharing a personal letter on how CTF has affected your life. We would not have been able to get through this without you and our incredible community. From all CTF staff, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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