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Corporate Training Opportunities for Your Chicago Office

Corporate Training Opportunities for Your Chicago Office

By: Akm 08/04/17 Group Fitness Classes

An office job is filled with opportunities to advance your career, but it’s also filled with a whole lot of sitting. Sitting in a chair isn’t bad, but when you do it for eight hours a day, five days a week, it can start to have a negative impact on your health. In fact, there are enough health hazards listed in this Washington Post article to fill the opening text of the Star Wars crawl. Some are even saying that sitting is the new smoking.

Exercise not only reduces your risk for health issues like high blood pressure and diabetes, it can also have a positive impact on your work performance. According to the Harvard Business Review, regular exercise can contribute to improved concentration, shaper memory, faster learning, enhanced creativity, prolonged mental stamina and lower stress. Plus, working out produces feel-good endorphins that help boost your mood, which we could all use during work hours.

Encouraging your employees to exercise is one thing, but offering a way for them to take part in regular workouts is entirely another. Promote health and wellness and improve the wellbeing of your employees by taking advantage of any of these corporate training programs in Chicago:

CrossTown Fitness

CrossTown Fitness provides a variety of options for your corporate training. Sign up for a private class, which can be taken at either the West Loop or Lakeview location, choose to workout at your office or head to North Avenue beach for a sunny workout. CrossTown also offers monthly unlimited memberships to large groups at a discounted rate, which will provide access to both locations. On top of high intensity interval training classes, CrossTown provides programming for activities like team building outings and corporate races, which can be great corporate ice breakers if you’re introducing new employees to the team.

Brooklyn Boulders

At this Chicago gym, you can get an excellent workout in, whether it’s by taking a yoga class or learning to boulder on one of their rock climbing walls. Brooklyn Boulders offers group climbing packages perfect for corporate events. These packages can range from learning how to auto-belay to testing your forearm strength with bouldering.


Divvy, the company known for all those light blue bikes around the city of Chicago, offers a corporate wellness program that not only gives employees exercise, it benefits the environment too! Their corporate memberships include an unlimited number of 30-minute rides. Divvy’s corporate program is even available during the winter months for the really brave souls who would rather bike to work than take the bus or the train.

Interested in finding out about group training at CrossTown Fitness? Learn more and sign up for our corporate wellness program here! Looking for a specific mindbody software consultant?  

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