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Top 6 Reasons to Take Group Fitness Classes

Top 6 Reasons to Take Group Fitness Classes

By: Akm 15/11/15 Group Fitness Classes

You have your workout schedule set in place – and you stick to it each week. But the problem with having the same exercise routine is that you may not be seeing the results you want. If you’re ready to break out of your workout rut and put some fun back into your fitness regimen, try our Chicago group fitness classes. Our high intensity classes at our west loop & wriglevyille CTF offer an effective workout, among a slew of other benefits:

It’s Fast Paced

Sometimes, a minute can feel exponentially longer than 60 seconds. And, of course, staring at the clock doesn’t make the time go any faster (as you have probably learned during school). However, group classes keep you busy for the entire 60 minutes you’re there. We promise – you won’t even have a moment to think about how much time has gone by.

You Enjoy Variety

Going to the gym and hopping on the elliptical every day can get old pretty quickly. Instead, try out a group class. People love coming to classes at CTF because they know they are going to be facing a different workout each time they step in the door. Doing the same workout over and over again isn’t going to help you make any progress, either – it’s variety that keeps your muscles guessing and helps you get stronger. All of our strength and high intensity interval training classes are different – all you have to do is show up and be ready to work!

There’s Great Music

Music is such a big part of many people’s fitness regimens. An upbeat song oftentimes gives you the extra push you need to continue your workout at an optimal pace. Our personal trainers at CrossTown Fitness create fresh playlists for each class that are tailored to the workout they have created. During the moments of downtime, the songs will be more relaxed, but during the times when you really have to push yourself, the tunes will be upbeat and energized to help get you there.

You’ll Meet New People

Whether you just moved to the neighborhood or you’re simply looking to expand your group of friends, group fitness classes are a great place to start. Each week, you start to see familiar faces, and begin to bond over shared experiences and common goals. Plus, nothing brings a group of people together quite like a unanimous hatred of burpees!

 You Don’t Have to Think

When you go to the gym on your own, you have to think about what type of workout you want to do, what exercises are best for that particular workout, how many repetitions of each exercise to complete, etc. But one of the great things about group fitness classes is that you just have to show up ready to follow directions. The workout is already made for you – your job is to just put in the work to reach your goals.

 You Can Learn From Others

If you don’t like working one on one with a trainer, a group setting is a less personal environment that still allows you a great workout. Although the group fitness instructor won’t be looking at you alone, they will be helping to guide you and ensure your form is correct throughout the duration of the entire class. If you’re not sure what you’re supposed to be doing, or how you’re supposed to be doing it, you can always turn to other class-goers for help.

See our list of group fitness classes here, and visit our Chicago Gym locations today!

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