Member On The Move – Hayley O’Hara

Member On The Move – Hayley O’Hara

By: Akm 16/10/15 Member On The Move

Hayley O'Hara Tell us about your business and where members can find you?

My business is Sarah Whit Interiors. We are always on the go.  We can be found in our studio in Old Town, at a client’s house    somewhere in the city, at the Merchandise mart or in the car racing back and forth!

 When do you make time to workout?

I make time in the afternoon to work out. I find thats when I have the most energy.  Its also when I feel the need to get out and be  active, and let go of the stress of a day at the office! Nothing like getting your ass kicked by Betina.

 How do your workouts at CTF keep you going in your busy professional life?

Classes help clear my mind and allow me to unplug and dedicate one hour to just ME, which greatly improves my energy, focus and  attitude at work!

 What’s one goal you have inside the gym and one outside of it?

In the gym my goal is to improve my strength so I can do ONEEEEE pull up!  Outside the gym I would like to volunteer more, be more active in the community.

 Where you can find Hayley:

Instagram: @hayleyaohara @sarahwhitinteriors

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