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5 Fitness Apps to Amplify Your Training

5 Fitness Apps to Amplify Your Training

By: Akm 09/03/16 Blog

5 Fitness Apps to Amplify Your Training
There’s a device you have on you at almost all times that can be used to help you reach your fitness goals. We’re talking about your phone! We use it to text, call, play games, keep track of our schedule, take photos … and the list goes on. Since we stare at our phones all day anyway, why not make that staring a little more productive? Here are five apps to amplify your trianing, whether you enjoy personal training sessions or group fitness classes:

Sign up for personal training sessions and group classes at CrossTown Fitness and other Chicago gyms using the MINDBODY Connect app. Reserve your spot in class whether you’re commuting home from work or running errands. But that’s not all this app is capable of – you can also read reviews, track your progress and manage your schedule all in one convenient location.

Nike + Training Club
Everyone has different fitness goals, such as toning your arms, losing weight or being able to run a marathon. The best part about this Nike app is that you can select your specific goal, and you’ll have access to workout plans that will help you reach that particular milestone. If you have a busy week and there’s no time for personal training sessions, you can rely on this app to provide you with quick and effective workouts you can do right at home.

Music is often what helps get you through the tough parts of your workout, using its upbeat rhythms to keep you on track. This particular app creates playlists that dictate how fast or slow you should be running. The quicker the beat, the faster you run! And when the music slows, you can slow your pace with the beat. And you just may find some new music you like in the process.

It’s obvious that you probably won’t see the results you’re looking for if you’re eating fast food as regularly as you’re hitting the gym. MyFitnessPal allows you to keep track of how many calories you’re taking in per day, by logging into your phone exactly what you’re eating. Sometimes you don’t realize exactly what you’re eating each day until you start writing it down!

Charity Miles
This app will give you some serious motivation to complete your run. There are corporate sponsors who agree to donate a designated amount of money for every mile that you run. You’ll be bettering your body and your favorite cause all at the same time!

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