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O homem moderno passa todos os dias com um smartphone em suas mãos. Por causa disso, os portais de apostas online estão cada vez mais adaptando suas páginas para se adequarem às pequenas telas de gadgets portáteis. A versão móvel do cassino Pin Up permite que você jogue, receba bônus e participe de atividades a qualquer momento e em qualquer lugar. A única coisa que você precisa fazer é abrir o site oficial, entrar na sua página pessoal e, se necessário, reabastecer a sua conta de jogo.

How to Take Body Measurements

By: David 26/04/22 Blog
We’ve all felt that sinking feeling that comes along with stepping on the scale after weeks of working hard in the gym, only to discover that the number you saw at the beginning of your exercise journey has remained the same, or even increased. The truth is there is so much more to that number […]

Does Lifting Weights Burn Fat?

By: David 26/04/22 Blog
There are countless questions surrounding fat loss, with one of the most common being … does lifting weights burn fat? The short answer is yes, and here’s why. Lifting weights builds muscle, which in turn torches fat. One study published by the University of Kentucky College of Medicine reported that weight training can promote fat […]

Benefits of Corporate Wellness Programs

By: David 26/04/22 Blog
Those working in the corporate world know exactly how much sitting and staring at a computer screen is involved, and the data can be a bit unsettling. About six in 10 employees spend nearly nine hours per day sitting at work, which can contribute to a decreased metabolic rate, disrupted blood sugar levels, increased blood […]

What is Mobility?

By: David 26/04/22 Blog
Whether you’re a runner, a yoga fanatic, a weightlifter or you prefer high intensity interval training; whether you’ve been working out for 30 years or you’re just getting started, there’s one thing everyone — no matter their age — can greatly benefit from: mobility. So what exactly is mobility? It’s a term you may have […]

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