5 Tips to Get You Closer to that Six Pack

By: Akm 18/03/16 Blog
For most of us human beings, developing a six pack can seem about as likely as winning the lottery or pizza somehow becoming good for you. But the truth is, that dream doesn’t have to be far off. Putting in some hard work in the gym and in the kitchen may result in the toned […]

Member on the Move: Bonnie Herrmann

By: Akm 09/03/16 Member On The Move
This Month’s Flex your Fit Member is from the Northside(but occasionally will do PT at the West). Bonnie Herrmann! “9-5: I’m a hospice social worker. It’s very humbling to care for people at end of life, and I’m constantly inspired to appreciate every day I’m given. Since starting CTF, I’ve finally found workouts that I’m excited […]

Members on the Move: Joseph Mapes & Kimberly DiNino

By: Akm 09/03/16 Member On The Move
Joseph Mapes: Owner of Oliver & Rowan Bespoke! Tell us about you goals, what inspired you to get into CTF. May main goal is to drop the 20 lbs I gained due to injuring my knee again and being sidelined for months. I was introduced to Charlie and CTF by another client, Chad who had […]

5 Tricks to Help You Make the Most of Your Treadmill Workout

By: Akm 09/03/16 Blog
5 Tricks to Help You Make the Most of Your Treadmill Workout Both group fitness classes and personal training sessions utilize this piece of equipment in order to torch calories and improve endurance: the treadmill. Some love the treadmill, and others dread the idea of running in one place for an extended amount of time. […]

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