Chicago Gym: March Member on the Move Matt Gibbs

Meet our West Loop Gym Member on the Move, Matt Gibbs!
What do you do from 9 to 5?
I’m co-founder of UPshow, a TV-powered social marketing platform. Take a look at the first TV at CTF West Loop, that’s an UPshow screen. We launched 2 Summers ago at a few bars in Chicago, and now we have over 3500 screens active across the country. Be sure to post your CTF action on Instagram or Twitter and use #CTFchicago #upshow hashtags to appear on the screen! (and tell me if your business or event needs an UPshow screen)
When do you make time to workout?
5AM on weekdays is the only time that I can make work. I’ve always been a morning person, and it’s nice to have a crew that’s similarly disciplined and at CTF at the crack of dawn.
What inspired you to get into CTF?
I used to live down the street and proximity was always the deciding factor on what gym I’d sign up for. I was hooked instantly by the personal trainers + fun/challenging classes, and have stayed loyal even though I moved to West Town.
Fun Facts? I have a 2 year old son and a daughter arriving in April. Diehard Ohio State fan. Nike collector. Motto: Life rewards actions, not intentions.

Social: @gibbs12 on twitter and instagram