July Member of the Month: Brendan Mitchell

July Member of the Month: Brendan Mitchell

By: Akm 30/06/16 Blog

The July Member of the Month is: Brendan Mitchell !

1. Favorite Cheat Food / Restaurant:

1. Some would say every meal I eat is a cheat meal but I’m getting better 🙂
2. My favorites are Meat Pies (look them up, they are amazing!) or Deep Dish Pizza from Giordanos

2. Favorite Healthy Food on the Go:

Protein Shake with Progenex or a Protein Bar

3. Favorite Exercise:

 I’ve slowly grown to love Burpees; you can’t beat the way it works out your total body. Actually more like appreciate versus love, I’m not crazy like Tres Rogers!

4. Fitness Goal:

Continue to get stronger everyday, shed fat and build muscle. Always pushing to beat yesterday…

5. College or University attended:

Robert Morris University

6.Fun Fact about you:

 I’m from Australia and came to the US for baseball and played for 5 yrs. I was a lefty pitcher but needed both an elbow reconstruction (Tommy John procedure) and rotator cuff surgery in year 3. I try to get home Down Under at least once or twice a year to see family and enjoy the Great Southern Land.

4. Favorite work out Song right now:

I’ll listen to just about anything that gets me awake and moving for a 6am class.

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