May Member of the Month

May Member of the Month

By: Akm 21/04/16 Blog

Paul Hogan: from our Northside Location


1.Favorite Cheat Food / Restaurant: I’m so lame. I have a really healthy diet. I guess popcorn and peanut butter.

2.Favorite Healthy Food on the Go: Nuts and fruit

3.Favorite Exercise: Squats – so I don’t get an old man’s butt

4.Fitness Goals: To continue to progress rather than maintain. To be able to handle any challenge Dave Hochbaum presents to me

5.College or University attended: The University of Michigan, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth

6.Fun Fact about you: . I’ve been a flight attendant for many years. I might be on your next flight and hook you up with free stuff. Always be nice to your flight attendants, you never know what you might get

7.Favorite work out Song right now: Presented without comment – Donna Summer ” Bad Girls”

Social Media: None

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