Member of the Month: Maggie Moffet

Member of the Month: Maggie Moffet

By: Akm 30/05/16 Blog

Member of the Month: Maggie Moffet


1.Favorite cheat food: Ice Cream, or pretty much anything chocolate.

2.Favorite healthy food:Spinach. You can literally add it to anything for bulk and nutrition, or just make it the main ingredient and I’ll be happy.

3.Favorite Exercise:Hmmmmm, they’re all terrible, lol. Long jumps, as of today. Alysha had us do them this morning and I felt like an awesome, flying frog.

4.Fitness Goals: I’d like to reach my physical potential in overall strength and flexibility, then transfer that into more overall power. Not at all sure I’ll know when I’ve reached that goal. Maybe my body will just stop, once and for all.

5.College or University attended: he University of the Arts in Philadelphia.

6.Fun fact about me: I love the show Bridezillas. It always makes me feel that no matter what I mess up in life, at least I’m not them.

7.Favorite work out song right now: “Where ya at” by Future. I like to pretend that I’m in a movie montage, gettin ready to snap. Ha ha, I’m not successful enough to have fake jock riders, but when I am, “where y’all asses was at when I was running around the damn block in Tres’s class?”

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