November Member on the Move: Vin Tupper

November Member on the Move: Vin Tupper

By: Akm 27/11/17 Blog

November Member on the Move: Vin Tupper

What do you do from 9-5?
VT: I am either doing anesthesia or interventional pain management out in Northwest Indiana.

When do you make time to workout?
VT: I have always been a morning person. The later in the day the more likely I will fall victim to the couch.

What inspired you to get into CTF?
VT: Before CTF I was part of a CrossFit community. I found that CTF highlighted the aspects of CrossFit that I enjoyed the most: endurance workouts, chippers, and burpees (my favorite exercise.

Tell us a fun fact about you!
VT: I am usually barely on time / always about 5 minutes late to class because of my two puppies, Jaxon a golden doodle and Nala a black lab. They take their sweet time getting ready before my 6am class!

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