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Tips for Dealing with Your In-Laws This Holiday Season

Tips for Dealing with Your In-Laws This Holiday Season

By: Areesh Ishtiaq 15/12/16 Buzz, Things To Do

Dealing with Your In-Laws – Your friends invited you to go out to the newest bar in the West Loop this Friday, but ohhh it looks like you’ll have to pass because … your in-laws are in town! They’re family and you love them, but between the various dinners, holiday parties and other family oriented activities, spending time with your in-laws can get stressful. Luckily, we have just the right tips to get you through the holiday season alive:

Work on your fitness

You get to spend some time alone AND get in shape at the same time. Going to your local Chicago gym is always a win-win. Plus, breaking a sweat is a great way to release any frustrations that come from dealing with in-laws. Working out releases those feel-good endorphins that naturally boost your mood.

Schedule a session with one of Crosstown’s personal trainers or sign up for a group fitness class with a friend. Still not ready to go home? Stay a little later for a mobility class to help your muscles recover from a tough workout. Making time for yourself is essential, especially during the holidays.

Have an exit strategy

Before you and your spouse head into the madness that is your in-laws holiday party, make sure you have a plan. Decide on a rough estimate of how long you want to stay at the party. It’s easier to make it through the evening when you know about what time you’ll be getting out of there.

Rely on Wi-Fi

Is it even possible to get through an evening at your in-laws without Wi-Fi? After all, you don’t need to be stressing about burning through your data on top of worrying about when your mother-in-law is going to bring up the recent election. Try to grab that Wi-Fi password early on in the evening.

Explore your neighborhood

Don’t want to be trapped inside with family this year? Get everyone out of the house to explore your neighborhood’s local holiday hot spots. Check out sites like Chicago Food Magazine for fun event ideas. Add a splash of whiskey to your coffee and head to Lincoln Park for ZooLights, which is free for everyone, and will help get you into the holiday spirit. The Christkindlmarket is another Chicago hot spot, which would make for a fun day out with your in-laws. Browse the market, which is filled with unique finds like hand-blown ornaments and beer steins while you stip on Gluhwein – a traditional hot spiced wine.

dealing with your in-laws
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