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5 Best Things About CrossTown Fitness – West Loop Gym

5 Best Things About CrossTown Fitness – West Loop Gym

West Loop Gym

5 Best Things About CrossTown Fitness West Loop Gym – The holidays are coming and you know what that means. Lots of cocktails. Lots of beer. Lots of pies. Lots of mashed potatoes … you get the gist. Prepare yourself for the season of eating and drinking at our Chicago gym: CrossTown Fitness. We’ve got five reasons why we’re one of the best Chicago gyms in the West Loop and Lakeview area:

The Trainers

We have such a great group of trainers, all of whom come from different fitness backgrounds spanning dance, basketball, gymnastics, swimming, Cirque du Soleil and yoga. With distinct training styles, personalities and music playlists, each of our personal trainers brings something different to the table. Get to know a little bit more about each of our trainers.

The Variety

One of the reasons why people are so quick to drop fitness from their everyday schedule is because it can get boring. Running repeatedly on a treadmill or going through the same circuit of group fitness exercises can certainly get stale. But at CrossTown, you can expect a different total body of strength workout every time you come in. That variety is what keeps our members coming back and getting stronger each time.

The Community

The members are really what make CrossTown a great place to workout. The community is friendly, encouraging and share a passion for fitness. There are plenty of events to look forward to throughout the year so you can get to know your Chicago gym community. From paddleboarding and outdoor group workouts to member parties, we always have something for our members to get involved in.

The Snacks

You don’t have to wait until you get home to get your dose of protein post-workout. Before your group fitness class or personal training session begins, write down which shake you want, and our staff will have it ready for you when you finish sweating. Need a healthy snack as you’re headed out the door? Choose from our vast selection of good-for-you protein bars, pre-made salads, fruit and more.

The Music

Nothing kills a workout quite like bad music. When you’re trying to push out that last rep and your whole body is shaking, the last thing you want to hear is Carrie Underwood belting out “Jesus Take the Wheel” (as accurate as that may be). Each of our trainers puts together a customized playlist before every class that includes only upbeat songs that are going to give you the extra push of motivation that you need.

Ready to give our Chicago gym a try? We have locations in both West Loop and Northside – learn more about group fitness classes or personal training sessions here!

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