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5 Reasons To Join A Local Gym

5 Reasons To Join A Local Gym

By: Akm 26/08/15 Blog

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Top Reasons To Join A Local Gym

Big box gyms can be tempting to join – after all, you know the name, and you know that they likely have a lot of equipment and amenities to offer. However, before you pull the trigger on a big box gym membership, you may want to consider the numerous advantages that comes with signing on with a local gym. Find the best Chicago gym by checking out these benefits of a smaller facility:

You Get a Sense of Community

When going to a big box gym, you likely don’t see the same people every day, which makes it more difficult to form relationships with those around you. With a smaller, personalized gym, however, each workout is an opportunity to get to know your community and create a friendly atmosphere. Forming those connections may help you create a more positive association with the gym, and may even get you more excited to go!

There’s Always Opportunities for Fun

Larger gyms may not have the budget or the means to plan fun events for their members. With a more personalized facility, like CrossTown Fitness, there are always community events to take part in. From baseball games and morning brunch to paddle boarding and member parties, we always make sure to organize events that helps our fitness community get to know one another.

Form Closer Relationships with Trainers

Just like you get to know the members of a smaller gym, you form closer relationships with the trainers as well, which can ultimately lead to a better fitness experience overall. Over time, your Chicago personal trainer will get to know your fitness goals, your likes, your dislikes, your strengths and your weaknesses. This will make it easier to tailor a workout to you. More specifically, a workout that will give you the results you’re looking for.

You’re Not Locked Into a Contract

You like saving money, right? In that case, a smaller gym is the way to go because there are no surprise membership fees that come with signing up.

Here’s another scenario: Let’s say you’re moving to a new neighborhood, or you would just like to try a different gym. Breaking a big box gym contract will end with you having to shell out cash. With a local Chicago gym, like CrossTown Fitness, there are no hidden fees if you decide to cancel your membership.

Take Advantage of Specialized Training

Local gyms tend to focus on specific training methods, whether it’s yoga, cycling or high-intensity interval training, whereas at a big box gym, you may just be getting a general, mainstream workout. Specialized training can prevent you from getting bored with your fitness routine, and provide you with a unique and effective workout experience.

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