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3 Important Things to Know When Choosing a Personal Trainer

3 Important Things to Know When Choosing a Personal Trainer

By: Akm 25/11/15 Personal Training, Trainer Tips

Chicago Personal Training

Do you work out with a personal trainer? If not, it’s something you may want to consider, as having a Chicago personal trainer by your side proves to be more than beneficial. They can not only put together an exercise program that is tailored specifically to you and your fitness goals, but they can show you proper technique for each exercise so that you’re getting the most out of your workout and avoiding potential injury. Having a trainer with you is also a great way to stay motivated throughout the duration of your workout – they’re constantly there to push you to be your best.

Not all trainers are the same, however. Each has a different personality and training style, so it’s essential to choose the right trainer for you. When selecting your Chicago personal trainer, keep these important considerations in mind:

Training Style

Every trainer has a different training style, so before you begin a fitness regimen with them, it’s best to find out if that particular technique will match up with you and your exercise goals. If you want to improve your long distance running, you may want to work with a trainer who has run marathons, but if your goal is to learn a handstand or a muscle up, a trainer with a background in gymnastics would be more your style.

Personality is also a big part of training style. Do you want someone by your side who is going to consistently throw positive reinforcement your way? Or do you respond better to a trainer who’s a bit tougher on you? Have a quick conversation with them or ask for references – past clients will be able to give you a good idea of their training style.

Professional Credentials

Figure out what type of professional credentials your trainer has. Ideally, they would have a college degree in exercise science or be certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Having that educational background ensures that they have the proper knowledge to create a healthy and effective fitness program for all of their clients. After all, you wouldn’t go to a doctor who didn’t go to medical school, right?


If you want to work out multiple times per week, you have to be sure that your personal trainer isn’t booked solid with other clients. Talk to them about their availability so you can be sure that the exercise schedule you have in mind will actually work out. Maybe you can only work out early in the morning – is that something your trainer will be able to fit into their agenda? If not, you’ll want to find a trainer who can work with that time.

Are you ready to start your Chicago personal training program? Give us a call or stop in to either of our Chicago Gym locations where we have a variety of trainers with extensive fitness backgrounds.

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